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Meagan is the greatest!

Posted by Walker33 on May 21, 11 9:43 pm · History

hey miss thang (:

Posted by koobecaf on Feb 2, 11 1:21 pm · History

thank you :]

Posted by vinesharambo on Aug 10, 10 5:20 pm · History

you're welcome!~
Oh okay,but still,that's nice that someone asked for you to work for them (:

Posted by Snaily on Aug 10, 10 2:47 pm · History

heh,thanks ^ ^!
Oh wow,that's awesome!!!
When do you start working?!

Posted by Snaily on Aug 4, 10 11:19 pm · History

You're very welcome! :)

Posted by venti-anemoi on Jul 28, 10 2:22 pm · History

aw yeah..can't believe summer vk is almost over :T
but that's good to hear (:
no problem,Im good..haha pretty much the same thing here XD. Hanging out with friends,going to the movies,yeaahh haha

Posted by Snaily on Jul 27, 10 11:07 pm · History

Thank You for the grph cmnt :D!!!*hugs*
omg haven't talked to you in awhile,how are you?!

Posted by Snaily on Jul 22, 10 11:01 am · History

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Posted by jcsotita on Jul 15, 10 11:00 pm · History

heh,I went to the Rodeo, and went to some I took it easy hun xD
What about you?!

Posted by Snaily on Mar 28, 10 6:25 pm · History

Oh wow,that's cool :D
Hah,mine ends this monday..I had fun though xD

Aw haha cute ;D

Oh,thank you very much hun for yourf cmnts *hugs* I appreciate it!!!

Posted by Snaily on Mar 20, 10 6:50 pm · History

oh,when does spring break start for you?!
Lol that's the main point xDDD..I'll agree with you :D

Posted by Snaily on Mar 13, 10 11:05 pm · History

hehe *hugs*
I've been good!..just really tired lately :T..but lol other than that,I'm good ^ ^!

Posted by Snaily on Mar 4, 10 8:59 pm · History

Welcomes Buddy :)
aw thank yas xD!

Posted by Snaily on Mar 2, 10 8:38 pm · History

Thanks so much for the layout comment. I really appreciate it! :D

Posted by dyindyinjohnson on Feb 27, 10 7:19 pm · History

You're Very Welcome ;D!

Posted by Snaily on Feb 5, 10 9:40 pm · History

hahaha their amazing! great job

Posted by RussianRoulette on Feb 4, 10 12:43 am · History

wow i really love ur vector art i wish
i knew how to do it or own one of my self !! amazing stuff hun

Posted by RussianRoulette on Jan 10, 10 5:57 am · History

Welcome :) pretty!..Lol,atleast you know how to put it on x3
(cuz TOO much - -')!

Posted by Snaily on Jan 4, 10 5:44 pm · History

Lol,that's ok ^ ^

PS-aw pretty are you wearing blush?

Posted by Snaily on Jan 3, 10 11:40 pm · History

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